We help you if you are considering new offers where the site allows to review suppliers and companies in the market around you with ease and the possibility of adding geolocation on Google Maps when adding the request to facilitate the customer. .

Registration on the site is easy and in a few short steps through integration with social networking sites Facebook and Google. With the possibility of activating the account using SMS, you can also register as a supplier or company - or as a customer registration customer, and requests are easily added with the addition of an endless number of items within a single application, the site also allows the possibility of follow-up requests.

Through One Quotation you can find new offers and make deals through the website. With the ability to search requests and offers either by region or cities or through categories. It also offers the possibility to receive notifications and alerts of new offers via e-mail or through the site.

The site provides a chat system between the supplier and the customer, and also distinguishes the possibility of comparing offers from companies and suppliers through a brief report Bis Summary

The site provides an intelligent and fair evaluation system that can be activated after a conversation between buyer and seller to ensure fair evaluation based on actual communication between members.